Monday, March 23

Life and Love In A Recession: A Survival Guide

The talk on the street is all about Bernie who 'made-off' with millions of other people's money , the bailouts and executive salary caps. The price of oil is hovering around 50 dollars a barrel, down from a high of almost $150 less than a year ago. (This affects my hometown of Calgary more than you know) Everyone knows at least one person who has been affected the recession.
But there is something that nobody is talking about. How does the recession affect us in the life and love department? What are people's reaction? Is there a downturn in the bedroom too?
How can we keep things up when the market is down?

1. Going out for dinner will be even more of a luxury. Snag yourself a guy who can cook. If you are already in a relationship, up the ante in the kitchen. Preparing food together can be the best aphrodisiac out there. Not a natural Martha Stewart? Find a cooking class. Go and LEARN, this is not Home Ec circa 1980. The way to your beloved's heart is through their stomach. This is valid for both sexes... I personally think that a guy who can cook is sexier than David Beckham in his skivvies,and boy is Becks sexy.
2. I have no clue how much a movie is these days, but with all of the top movies going from the screen to DVD in a flash, have a movie night with popcorn and the whole nine yards. Apparently there are alot of the Oscar nominated films on DVD as I write. Home theaters are taking the place of the cinematic experience.

3. I can't emphasize this enough ladies.. GO OUT AND BUY A DECENT SET OF BRA AND PANTIES!!!!!!!!!! If you are willing to follow anyones financial advice, at least follow mine, the dividends will be worth the investment. Don't skimp, go lacy and sexy. Gentlemen.. I have three words for you. Jockey Y Fronts. Skimpy banana slings just don't cut it....

4. Once the weather gets better, go for a nice long walk in the mountains with your significant other. There is something about the altitude and the fresh air that does wonders. Best of all? ITS FREE!!!

5. Beauty upkeep should NOT suffer because of the recession. Buy the tools and do your nails yourself. Sally Hansen has a great line of polish and base coats. Blow and straighten your own hair. Can't afford to do Botox every six months? Cut your bangs and stretch it out to 8-10 months between tweeks. Waxing? Learn to do it yourself. I have the recipe for the same wax they use at J Sisters in NYC. Oil of Olay has a great moisturizer that is just as good as the $350 creams, yet costs one tenth of the price. Preserve your perfume by storing it in a dark place, not in the hot humid bathroom on the counter. Drink water(its free) and wear sunscreen.

6. Give your man a break. Men are overwhelmed with what is going on and being the hunters that they are, they are worried about their jobs and their financial situation. This stress can cause anything from impotence to full on depression. Tone down your princess attitude, and be a little more compassionate to your man/hunter. I agree that a happy wife equals a happy life, but right now it is time to nurture the man in your life. Tune into how they are feeling. They won't tell you straight out( unless they are Oprah addicts) but be aware of their moods. If you want them to put up with you when you are PMS-ing, its the least you can do. Be gentle, be a good listener and run your fingers up and down their neck. Think of it as a "long term investment". When things look better, your investment will pay off.

7. Don't talk shop after business hours. Say 'How was your day?', not 'How was work?'. If possible, set one day aside for a 'Technology Free' day. No computers, iPhones or Blackberrys for 24 hours. Use the phone to catch up with friends, not for business on this day. If you are in a relationship, stay in bed all day and have fun!!! Block out the outside world and just be the two of you between four walls (my favorite math equation)

8. You are not alone. this recession has hit the whole world.

Keep your head up. This too shall pass.

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