Friday, November 12

Fashion and Sports..the connection

I have said this many times over, there is definitely a link between professional sports and the fashion business. Yes, we all know that ubermodel Gisele Bundchen is married to the All American greatest football quarterback ever, Tom Brady, but this theory goes beyond just the model/athlete liaison.
Last night I was watching the Montreal Canadiens play the Boston Bruins. The 'Habs' won wholeheartedly 3-1. Here is a little background. Both teams are part of what is known as the 'Original Six', the original six teams that made up the NHL. The other four teams were the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Rangers, the Detroit Red Wings,and the Chicago Blackhawks. In 1967, the orignal six became 12. By 1997, there were 30 teams in the NHL.
In the fashion business, there were only a small handful of magazines that were the 'Holy Grail' of the fashion biz. They included French Vogue, French ELLE, British Vogue and American Vogue and French Marie Claire. To get the cover of one of these magazines was akin to being a young hockey player being signed to the Montreal Canadiens or any of the 'Original Six' teams.
What has happened? By 1997, there were 30 teams in the NHL. In 1997, there were numerous national editions of Vogue, ELLE and Marie Claire. ELLE is available in 39 international editions now. Vogue now has 18 international editions.Marie Claire can be found in 24 languages.
A hockey team fields about 22 players. 6 X 22=132. There were 132 NHL hockey players up until 1967. Now with 32 teams in the NHL and a season that goes until basically July, there are at least 700 NHL hockey players on the playing roster.
More NHL teams for players, more magazine covers for models. I think that fashion has become dull and boring and it lacks the pinnache of the days of the exclusivity of the coveted magazine covers. The girls all look the same. Cookie cutter looks with little to no personality. Hockey players are the same thing. Wayne Gretsky was the last of the 'Great ones' that skated with personality.They all look like a bunch of lugs that are just there for the paycheck, not the love of the game.
In the end, too many players and too many models, and little to no excitement.