Tuesday, November 2

It's Time for Canadians to Visit Brazil

Every year around this time, the ads for going to Mexico start to appear with more frequency. For less than $1000 one can go to Mexico for a week including airfare. Sounds like a great deal doesn't it? The big question is, "Will you survive?".

Just this past week, a Canadian businessman's burned body was found in the trunk of the car he rented in Acapulco. His family is appealing to the Canadian government to embargo travel to Mexico. I agree. It's extremely dangerous in Mexico right now. The drug wars have killed over 25000 people in the past few years along the USA-Mexican border.

Rio de Janeiro, with all of its problems, is still safer than Mexico. I urge all of my readers to go to Brazil and enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in the world (even though I am not a big fan of the new president, hopefully she will continue to move Brazil forward and not into a Chavezian state).

The best way to get to Brazil from Canada(at least from the West) is on Continental. One can get fares to Rio from Calgary for around $1100 plus tax. It's actually cheaper than going to Europe.

There is a great site for out of the way hotels and bed and breakfasts called Hidden Pousadas. Tell them that the Canarioca sent you.

If you want to see Rio in style, go to Soland Eco Tours.

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