Sunday, November 28

I Will Only Cheer for the Calgary Flames Again When They Fire the Sutter Clan

I have slowly become a Montreal Canadiens fan. It could be in part because my boyfriend is a huge Habs fan and has ignited the fan fire that I have only seen with soccer fans in Brazil.(Also the fact I hear Ole Ole Ole Ole at the Montreal Bell Arena on RDS- the French TSN, makes it even more enticing. Most of all, they PLAY GOOD HOCKEY!!!!)
Montreal is to hockey what Flamengo is to soccer in Brazil, Barcelona in Spain, Manchester United in the UK or Milan in Italy. The classic team who has won many championships over the years and has fans around the world.
Calgary had a great run at the cup but were totally robbed in the sixth game against Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup final.
Calgary needs to get rid of the Sutter clan/family/famiglia... Enough of them. They couldn't keep Camalerri and they bring on Olli Jokiinen. PLEASE!!! I love Jerome Iginla but he cannot be the whole team all the time!! Don't even get me going on the young Sutter that got into trouble in Arizona. At least his uncles had the smarts to trade him away!!!
Calgary has lsot more games this season than I care to remember. IF this was in soccer, the coach and manager would have been fired long ago!!!!
The Flames need new blood at the helm, and until that happens and until they get rid of the Sutters I will not cheer any more for my hometown team.

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