Friday, May 9

Dorothy Stang, On Behalf of the Decent People in Brazil, I Apologize

Injustice has been served yet again here in Brazil. The cold blooded murderers have gotten off scot-free. I am not Brazilian, yet as a Brazilian resident I am shocked and basically royally pissed off that the people involved in the cold blooded assassination of Sister Dorothy Stang have been set free.
Dorothy Stang was a missionary working in the north of Brazil. She was murdered in cold blood by a bunch of cowards that didn't like the fact that she was standing up for the rights of the locals and less fortunate.
All I can say to the family and friends of Dorothy Stang is that I am sorry. Truly and deeply sorry. I am ashamed of the justice system in Brazil.
Vitalmiro Bastos Mourad. Remember this name. He is the coward that put out the contract on Dorothy Stangs life. He is now a free man.
Shame on the justice system of Brazil..........

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