Tuesday, May 6

An Open Letter to George Bush

Well, George Bush, you have single handedly destroyed the US economy. In the 8 longggggggggg years that you have been at the helm of the USA, (thank you Chad and Jeb)you have managed to start a war against an enemy...THAT YOU CAN"T EVEN FIND!!! using the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, THAT NEVER EXISTED, scaring the US population to believe Iraq's terrorism threat, THAT WAS EXAGGERATED.
The price of houses has plunged, the jobless rates have skyrocketed, the sub prime scandal has wiped out Bear Sterns, and much to the glibness of your Houston buddies, the price of oil has gone over $100 a barrel..Hello Haliburton and your hunting buddy Dick Cheney....NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT OVER 5000 SOLDIERS HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES TO FEED YOUR INSACIABLE APPETITE FOR PETROL.
I have to ask, how can you sleep at night?

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