Friday, May 30

Fooball in Brazil- the Players

Brazil has enough talent to form at least four National teams. When young boys are asked what they want to be when they grow up, the number one answer is football player. Why not? Being paid to play, having all of the girls running after you, I too would aspire to that if I was a boy.
Football players are elevated to godlike status here in Brazil. The Supreme Being of football is Pele. Under him is an endless list of players who have helped their team or the National team to glory at one time or another in history. A short list of my favorites:

1.Mane Garrincha. Played alongside Pele and in my opinion was just as important as Pele. Had crooked legs that would confuse the adversary while he dribbled around them.

2. Romario. Short, full of attitude, was responsible for the 1994 World Cup victory. He has scored more than 1000 goals in his career and recently hung up his soccer cleats at the age of 42.

3. Rogerio Ceni. Sao Paulo idol. Best goalkeeper in Brazil.

4. Ronaldo. Dubbed the phenomenon. Strong explosive player, brought the World Cup to Brazil for the fifth time in 2002.

5. Ronaldinho. Magician with the ball. Dribbles, runs and scores.

6. Kaka. Pure thoroughbred class.

At the moment, after the disappointing results in 2006, the Brazilian team is going through a player renewal.
Alexandre Pato is one to watch..

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