Saturday, August 2

Bullying in Brazil

My son has been a victim of a bully at school since the beginning of the school year.I knew this had been going on, and I had taken steps to avoid confrontation. I asked specifically that my son be moved to the other side of the classroom(the bully sat right behind him since after the first report card) but my request was ignored and sluffed off. Result? My sons marks fell around 10 -15% in the second reporting period, he was stabbed in the back with a compass and was relentlessly attacked and bugged by this kid. The school did nothing. I wish my son didn't need to resort to violence, but in the absence of protection from the school, what other option did he have? Apparently the little $%#@ who was bugging my son finally got his just rewards when my son retaliated and punched him in the nose. They were both suspended from school for two days.
Bullying exists everywhere, and Brazil is no exception. What makes it different here is the attitude towards it. It is bizarrely tolerated here. Barbara Coloroso(author of Kids Are Worth It and Bullying) would have a nervous breakdown.

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