Friday, August 1

The Strong Brazilian Economy

The word is out. I have been saying it for ages, but now it is being written in the NY Times The Brazilian economy is a force to be reckoned with.
The Amazon basin has the most fresh water in the world, Petrobras not only makes weekly discoveries of new offshore oilfields, but also has top notch technology in ethanol production (which IMHO is scaring the USA out of its corn fields)using sugarcane.
When one of the states of Brazil is called General Mines(Minas Gerais), you don't have to be Einstein to figure out that Brazil is a force in the mining world (Vale, Gerdau, Cemig)
The US dollar has tanked from a high of around 3.20 in 2002 to the real to around 1.56 yesterday.
Lula ('Shrimp') has simply continued the financial plans put in place by his predecessor Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and the results are showing.
Now all that is missing is a strong movement to eliminate the insane level of corruption, that has poisoned this beautiful country since Pedro Cabral set foot here in 1500.<

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