Thursday, August 21

USA Beats Brazil in Women's Soccer....

Sadness has fallen over Brazil again as the Brazilian women's soccer team was defeated by the aggressive American team. Once again Marta and gang were relegated to another silver medal in the Olympics.
The Brazilian men's team will play Belgium in the bronze medal match, after being pummeled 3-0 by Argentina.
The women's team played their hearts out and really gave the US a run for their money. I personally think that the women's team deserves more attention and respect for their endevours. They play harder and faster than the men, yet they are scraping by on meagre salaries that pale in comparison to the men.
Marta and Cristiane are capable of playing in European men's leagues. They are my heroes of the day!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I coach a girls U12 soccer team in Little Rock, Arkansas and would love my team to be 1/4 Brazilian and 3/4 the USA. I love Brazil's passing and possession game, but the defense, heart and conditioning were USA edges.

Imagine the two teams mixed together playing anyone else.