Friday, August 1

Times, They Are A Changing....

Am I quoting Bob Dylan?, I have no clue, but one thing is for sure, this world is changing...and fast.
People may think I am nuts but I have my theories.
In the study of Anthroposophy, brought to the world by Rudolph Steiner, it is believed that our development since birth is in seven year sections. 0-7,7-14,14-21 and so on. It does make alot of sense.
This brings me to the moment upon us in the world. It has been seven years (less one month) since the World Trade Centers in New York were imploded to the ground. I remember this day vividly, and I remember where I was in the world and in my life, and how the world was in August 2001.
It was George W Bush's first (and questionable) presidential mandate. The US economy was chugging along, Bill Clinton had left a SURPLUS to the Bush administration.
Little did I know, or did anyone know, was that within one month, the US, along with the rest of the world, was going to change forever.
We all know what happened on September 11 2001 and I don't like to rehash the past.
What has happened to the world in these past seven years is quite amazing...

1. The US economy has tanked. I believe that after 9/11, the federal government allowed the banks to give out sub prime mortgages to keep the economy running smoothly and to buffer the fallout of the true blow to the American economy that happened on that day. Seven years and billions of dollars later, the truth has come to light, a 590 trillion dollar debt to be left for the next US administration.

2. We have all become wary of any man with a long beard, turban, and women wearing headscarves. We have labelled them as potential terrorists, unwillingly and subconciously. Our telephones, Emails and other forms of communication can be heard by the CIA at any time. Our fundamental freedom is eroding.Its an unfortunate result of the 'War Against Terrorism'. Don't even get me started on the Weapons of Destruction scandal...

3. I can't travel with my favorite creams or bring cachaca back to Canada, unless I put it in my checked luggage and risk having it broken during the trip. I have resorted to wearing slip-ons on the plane as I always have to take off my shoes now.
Airport security is an oxymoron....

4. Americans are, unfortunately,seen as war mongers to the rest of the world. I personally have nothing against the American people, I lived in NYC for years and I loved it, and I have many American friends. Its a shame that their government is run by an absolute moron.

5. The US dollar is no longer the currency of choice. Even Giselle wants to get paid in Euros(and who would blame her?)

6. Brazil has a steady economy....if someone had told me this 15 years ago or even 7 years ago , I would have laughed in his face, but its the investors who are laughing now...
7. One of the presidiential candidates for the USA is named letter different than the worlds number one enemy. He is African American, middle name is Houssein and was born in Hawaii..Welcome to globalization. I really hope he can improve the USA...

8 The Canadian dollar is almost at par with the US dollar.

9 We have become a world of cynics and the love is gone. The rule of 'Every man for himself' is ruling the world. Even manners and basic etiquette have suffered.

10 The price of oil over $100 a barrel...Time to buy a Honda.

I honestly believe that we have hit the bottom of the barrel and the only way out is up. If we believe it will get better and do our part, the world will become a better place for our children.

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