Wednesday, April 9

ADHD or Just a Mile a Minute

After my last blog entry, I realized how easy it is to start with one topic and then start going off onto many tangents that originate from that one topic.Could it be that I too suffer from ADHD?
Before the ranks of the 'politically correct' start their squacking, let me remind them that my own son has been diagnosed with ADHD.
So I ask myself, is it genetic? My nephew is also ADHD. His father(my brother )is questioning if he himself wasn't ADHD/ADD when he was young.
I believe that all of us (especially mothers) have a certain level of ADHD. They just call it by nicer word, 'multitasking'. Ask any mother of a small child, what she is able to do all at once. When you are on the go all the time keeping up with kids,the house, your job, your marriage, the finances,etc etc, I believe that we all have to be a little ADHD. It always reminds me of the plate twirlers in the circus,trying to keep the plates rotating so they don't fall. I can be focused on doing one thing or project, and then in a flash, I find myself doing something else that is TOTALLY different from what I was just doing. Usually because of interruption or urgency coming from others. I end up sometimes with 5 things going on at the same time, yet I find it hard to fully finish them to my satisfaction.Sometimes the plates come to a crash on the floor.
I can change the subject of a conversation in a heartbeat, going from Metheral genetics to alternative cures for cancer within one paragraph.
So to all of my faithful blog readers, I salute you!!!

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