Friday, April 11

Common Sense

There is an element that is sorely missing in this modern world. Its called COMMON SENSE.Soon the WWF will be putting it on the 'Endangered Species List'.Blame it on Global Warming....Or the microwave.

Where was the common sense of the individual who actually put a cat in the microwave? Did he think the cat was actually going to survive unscathed? What was he thinking?
No thoughts....
No idea......

Thats what he/she was thinking.

Common sense dictates that microwaving a cat is not a good idea.Period.

Lack of common sense keeps litigation possiblities endless.

Have you noticed how everything has 'Warning Labels' posted all over them. Well my theory is that because of this 'modern world' we have forgotten to teach our brood the basics in common sense. We cannot depend on our schools to teach our children about common sense.A teacher's role is to instruct and inspire. As parents, we are responsible for illustrating what is right and wrong, encompassing common sense.

In past generations, family dynamics encouraged more time together as a family unit.The modern world, despite all of its advances and subsequent conveniences for all, has created double income households or working single mother run households that run on schedules, Blackberries(or Crackberries as my brother calls them),dinner on the run, keylatch kids and all around a non stop activity of go-go-go-go!!!GO WHERE???? They have ran out of room on this planet..We are all on this planet together, folks!
All the more reason to have common sense.

Examples of lack of common sense.

1. Putting a hot cup of coffee between your legs while driving and thinking that you will not get burned if it spills on your leg. Common sense lesson to be learned? HOT LIQUID = BAD BURN. A woman who did this sued McDonald's and WON! End result? Coffee cups come with a warning label now.

2. Not washing hands after using the toilet. How do you spell H-Y-G-I-E-N-E????

3. Being rude to others. It gets you nowhere. Not even in Rio de Janeiro traffic. It would probably get you shot.

In the end, common sense is routed in the Golden Rule..Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Would you like to be fried in a microwave?
Would you like to shake someones hand after not washing them post toilet?
Would you like to be treated rudely?

Wiccans believe that we receive three times what we put out there...
Lets start with common sense and its good friend, common courtesy'.


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