Wednesday, April 16

My Rio Address Book for Ex Pats

I have decided to open my book of secret addresses here in Rio de Janeiro. After all of the years I have spent here, I have come across alot of places that I continue to go back to year after year.A quick sampling...

1. Best beach. Prainha. Its far but its worth the drive. Park your car in the parking lot where all of the surfers hang out. Avoid parking on the road. This beach is cool yet has a family feel to it. Look for the beach attendant named Simone. She will bring you anything you need(umbrellas, beach chairs, cold beer in a styrofoam cooler etc)Tell her that the 'Loira' sent you.

2.Best juice bar. Depending on where you are:
Leblon-Balada Suco-Ataulfo de Paiva near Bartholomeu Mitre
Ipanema-Poli Sucos on the corner of Visconde de Piraja and Maria Quiteria
Barra- Bibi Sucos- Olegario Maciel

3.Best place for party stuff. If you are planning on throwing a birthday party, go to the SAARA in the centre of Rio and meander the streets of Rua Alfandega and Senhor dos Passos. It is relatively safe, yet I suggest you go with your driver if you have one, parking is a nightmare there.

4.Best Churrasaqueria (Brazilian BBQ) Montana Grill in Barra. Just across from Citta America, they have a great BBQ, they have a folder explaining the meat cuts and the price is very reasonable. Best bang for your buck.

I have lots more, if you are looking for something specific, leave a comment.

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Thelma said...

Hi Lisa!

I found your blog through 'The daily life in Rio'. I read all your posts so far and I agree with mostly of them. It's great to 'see' Brazil with different views!

I just got curious in how did you end up in Brazil.


PS: I never been in Brazil (shame on me!) so I can't give any opinion about your list. ;-)