Thursday, April 10

DENGUE...Inside the epidemic

My adopted city of Rio de Janeiro is in the midst of a dengue fever epidemic. Over 60 000 cases reported and approximately 70 deaths. The culprit and transmitter of this virus is the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. I was just in Canada, and I brought extra cannisters of Deep Woods OFF for friends and family. As is there is no known cure for dengue, the only way to fight it is to PREVENT it.
So in the name of public health and education, I am doing my part to spread the word on how to prevent dengue.

1. Use repellent. There is kid safe repellent and if you know of anyone going to Canada, ask to bring back Deep Woods OFF (25% DEET)
2. Mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in stagnant water. Make sure that the water cisterns are sealed. Anything that is a collector of rainwater should be covered or turned over. Examples of such being old tires, bottles, pails.
3. Plants in vases should have the collecting tray removed or filled with sand to prevent water from pooling.
4. Bromeliads and other plants that collect water should be cared for in the following way. To one liter of water, add one tablespoon of Clorox. Spray this on the plant. You can also use used coffee grounds. Add a few teaspoons to the water that is held in the plants. This will poison the water for the mosquito larvae.
5.Put Clorox down drains.
6. Any abandoned building or land should be checked. Call the local authorities so they can gain access to these places and take the correct prevention steps.

It is up to us, conciencious citizens, to spread the word. The mayor of Rio, Cesar Maia, is too busy calling on mediums and spiritual entities to save his skin. Pathetic.....

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