Tuesday, April 22

Rock Climbing in Rio de Janeiro

Behind the beaches of Rio, enormous black granite monoliths emerge from the ocean. Depending on where you are, one can see shapes of women, facial expressions and even the outlines of animals on these mountains. Shaped from eons of wind and rain, these same mountains are home to over 400 climbing routes. Thats right, 400! Other bonus? None of that annoying scree that you get in the Rockies. There are many types of climbs here that go from total beginner to 7 or 8 negative.
The climbing season in Rio and area is starting up now and usually goes to October. This is usually the dry season, and also cooler than summer. Believe me, rock climbing up black granite in 35 C is definitely egg frying hot on the rocks, and on your fingers!!!
One great place to learn is the rock in Paineiras. Best place for first timers. On a weekend, it is full of people climbing up the wall. Sometimes my partner and I take our kids there to get the jungle gym experience. We are both climbers.
Check it out, its worth a try!!!

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