Tuesday, June 3

Cold Temperatures in Brazil...Who Knew?

Being Canadian, I always get a kick with how Brazilians complain about the cold weather. When the thermometers hit below 20C, you would think the Ice Age hit. They drag out sweaters to put on,yet wear sandals on their feet. Oh my God its so cold, they say. All I can think of is how on earth would they ever survive a Canadian winter?
We are going into winter down here, the past three days have been unusually cold. As I write,in front of the computer with a fleece blanket on my shoulders, I can feel the chill of 16C in my apartment. The fact that one wall of my apartment is just windows(and not double paned insulated),I suffer from drafts. I slept last night with flannel sheets, a wool blanket AND a down comforter.
This leads me to think that inland of the coast in states such as Minas Gerais and southern states such as Parana and Santa Caterina must get really cold!!!!
Did it ever dawn on anyone that maybe builders and architects should build houses with proper insulation and heating???? Its inexistent here!!!
How do you think Canadians survive? I learned that if you put on a hat, you save 70% of your body heat from escaping through your head. Warm head, warm hands and warm feet. Oh yes, 12 inch pink insulation does wonders in the house....

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