Saturday, June 28

Zero Tolerance for Drinking and Driving in Brazil

A new law has just been approved and sanctioned by the Brazilian president that has zero tolerance on drinking and driving. If you are pulled over and made to take the breathalizer, and it is found that you have ingested even ONE beer, game over. Your license will be taken away and you will pay a 1000 real fine.
More than 25,000 people die in car accidents annually in Brazil, with 60% of these accidents alcohol related. The statistics are beyond comprehension.. I applaud the Brazilian lawmakers, yet I am doubtful it will stick. The brewing and distillery industries have a large lobby in Brasilia. Unfortunately, in the absence of common sense, the government here had to do what was needed, zero tolerance. Sometimes that is the only way to wake people up to a grave problem.
Now its up to this same government to fix the highways so they will be safe for all drivers.
And maybe dreate a law against cell phones and driving!!!

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justana said...

Just a Brazilian visiting you visiting Brazil.
Please! Our politics is away from being good.
But... I would also say terrible things about politics around the world.
Politicians has become the same. They are all Globalized!
I don't like the ""-Speak white!" in Canada. It hurts!
Oh! It hurts!