Monday, June 9

Sex and the City..the Movie...the Disappointment

I just got back from a Monday matinee(being underemployed is such joy)where I saw the film 'Sex and the City..the Movie'. I must first of all thank my wonderful boyfriend, Eduardo, for understanding my girliness of not wanting to see Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark 4. Looking back now, I kind of wish I had spent 2 hours with Harrison rather than Carrie and her clan.
Why was I disappointed? It's simple. They basically took a plot line (one that I have seen already in the series) that would have fit into a 25 minute HBO episode and dragged it out for 2 hours. I missed the quickness of the TV series and I found Carrie to be boring and definitely not witty. Charlotte was too shrill and Miranda was just,well TOO Miranda. The only saving grace was Kim Cattral(you go girl...fellow Canadian)with her one liners.
I kind of wish that they had ended SATC when Big connected with Carrie in Paris, not with a movie that was, in the end, a major bummer.

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