Friday, June 13

Lover's Day in Brazil

At home we have Valentine's Day on February 14th. The Brazilian version is called Dia dos Namorados and is 'celebrated'on June 12th which in fact is St. Anthony's,the patron saint of marriage. Folklore has it that women go and pray to Saint Anthony to help them find a husband. Well if you ask me, considering the slim pickings here, poor St. Anthony must be working overtime.
I have a hard time with commorative days,Mother's Day, Father's Day,Family Day, Children's Day for the simple reason that EVERYDAY should be Mother's Day Father's Day etc etc. Why just one day? We should remember our parents, partners and children everyday and treat them special every day, not just on their 'day'on the calendar.
To me its just another Hallmark invention and a way for commerce to capitalize sales during a slow month here.

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