Saturday, June 14

The Insane Prices of Cars in Brazil

Hard to believe that Brazil is a car manufacturing country. The prices for cars and SUV's are absolutely ludacris. I was looking at an ad for a Hyundai Santa Fe here in Brazil. The price is 149 700 reais which is about 93500 Canadian dollars. Hyundai manufactures this car here in Brazil. I went on the site and tracked down the same car in Canada and the base price with freight was 38800. Almost two thirds less!!!!
Another crazy comparison. A Classe A Mercedes from 2003 is worth about 16000 dollars. With that amount, one can buy a used Volve XC70 station wagon in Calgary. The same XC70 wagon(used)here would put one back about 50000 dollars.
People think that Brazil is cheap, but its not. The weak dollar has made life very good for the Brazilians, but terrible for those living on a dollar salary. Three years ago,the dollar to the real was almost 3-1. Now its 1.6 reais to the dollar. Prices continue to rise, and there are people somewhere here that are making big bucks somehow...


Anonymous said...

I think that taxes fill most of that price, around ridiculous 60%, I was told... :(

Anonymous said...

Yes the government!