Friday, June 13

Flying Back and Forth to Canada..

I have noticed something on the website of Continental that kind of boggles my mind. As I am always looking for good deals to fly to Canada, I was searching fares. As it turns out, if you pay with a Canadian credit card, the flight is almost 500 dollars more expensive than if you pay it with a Brazilian credit card.
Try it yourself, when paying with a Brazilian issued credit card, the fare is 1265 USD plus taxes,with a Canadian credit card,it costs 1707 USD plus taxes.Just go up to the top right corner and change your billing country.
I used to fly on Air Canada,but their connecting flight from Sao Paulo to Rio is very inconvenient, whereas Continental has a very good schedule between Calgary and Rio de Janeiro via Houston, AKA the 'petroleum milkrun'.

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justana said...

Dommage that Brazil has not leave you any good impression but at least the trip has cost cheaper in Brazilian currency.
Perhaps Buenos Aires next time!
Or Paris, London... so many great cities.
New York...
Have a nice trip.