Friday, June 6

What NOT to Wear, Rio de Janeiro Version

Being the addict that I am of reality/makeover shows, I would like to do a version of What Not to Wear/Rio de Janeiro.
The climate here is hot and hotter. Winter is the same as a Canadian summer. Therefore, clothing is minimal for most of the year. Bikinis are a year round staple.
Brazilians make great bikini's and the best brands are Salinas, bum bum, Rosa Cha, Blue Man and Banco de Areia.They also make great blue jeans. Forum, Gang, Opcao, Shop 126 are all good brands and they all make long legged jeans.
This said, it is a mystery to me the outfits that men and women wear here.
Lycra is a good thing. Lycra and an overweight woman is not a good thing. White lycra leggings should be banned from the earth. Women who work at the bank should use short sleeved blouses, not spaghetti strap halter tops!!!! Dress code please!!!!
IF you are over the age of 30, your belly should not be hanging out.
Please stay tuned for a photographic display of my reason for ranting...

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DRL said...

Yay thank you for the jeans tips I have been wondering where to get jeans here now that it is getting colder!